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Can & Tin Recycling Services

recycled cans

Recycle your cans and tins the easy way with Bottleman Recycling

Bottleman can collect and recycle your tins and cans from as little as 90p (sack price).  You don't need to separate aluminium and steel cans, but we do require food cans to be thoroughly cleaned prior to collections.

Office kitchens, canteens, school lunch halls and playgrounds, pubs and clubs and other businesses can all benefit from having a can recycling bin conveniently placed in a suitable area for people to use alongside Bottleman can recycling services.


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recycled tins

Recycled repeatedly

Anything made of aluminium can be recycled repeatedly. Not only cans, but aluminium foil, plates and pie moulds, window frames, garden furniture and automotive components are melted down and used to make the same products again.

Used aluminium cans be recycled to make new aluminium cans, aluminium windows can be recycled to make new aluminium windows and old aluminium engine blocks to make new ones.



Why aluminium recycling is important?

The recycling rate for aluminium cans is already above 70% in some countries. Used beverage cans are normally back on supermarket shelves as new beverage cans in 6-8 weeks in those countries which have dedicated can collecting and recycling schemes.

Todays aluminium can requires 40% less metal than 25 years ago; hence the need for less energy and less raw material.

Every year 34,000 tonnes of foil and 50,000,000,000 aluminium cans are used in the UK, with much ending up in landfill.

Recycling just 1 aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours or a 100watt light bulb for 20 minutes.

Recycling 1 kg of aluminium saves 8 kg of bauxite (Aluminium ore), 4 kg of chemical products and 14 kw of electricity.



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