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Plastic Recycling Services

Office plastic recycling

Want to reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfill?

Bottleman offer a full plastic recycling service ensuring that all plastics, which are able to be recycled by us, get properly recycled thus reducing the amount of plastic pollution.

Plastic thrown in with your general waste will be sent to land fill and can take up to 500 years to decompose. By using Bottleman plastic recycling services your business can help to reduce the amount of plastic that it sends to landfill and support the natural environment.

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types of plastic recycling

Can all plastics be recycled?

Currently not all plastics are able to be recycled due to the cost, manpower and potential chemicals released in the recycling process. 

Bottleman are able to recycle the main plastics that you will use such as PET & HDPE, but if you aren't sure then please get in touch and see what services we can offer you.


plastic recycling bins

Collections: Baled, loose or in bins?

All of our plastic waste collections can be altered to suit your needs.  We are able to offer baled, loose and bins for the collection of plastic recycling dependent upon your on level of need.

  • Baled collection for large objects
  • Bin collection for smaller plastic items
  • Loose collection for various sizes



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