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Glass Bottle Recycling Services

Glass Bottle Recycling

Looking for an efficient way to recycle your glass bottles?

Recycling your glass bottles couldn't be easier with Bottleman recycling. We provide you with any number or sizes of bin you require, you fill it with your glass bottles, and we collect it at a time convenient to you. We are able to collect mixed glass (green, amber and clear), so there is no need for separate bins.

We work with pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and campsites who recognise their responsibility to the environment and need a cost-effective, hassle free way to recycle. These businesses often produce food waste as well, so why not arrange to recycle this as well.

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camp site recycling

Bottleman glass recycling clients

Within our coverage of the South West region we are currently providing a service to:

  • pubs & clubs
  • restaurants
  • hospitals
  • campsites & hotels

Bottleman has a wide ranging customer base that includes large companies, where we manage all of their recyclable materials, to small companies that produce minimum quantities, but nonetheless realise their responsibility to the environment.



Why choose Bottleman glass recycling service?

We collect mixed glass bottles (ie; mixed in colour - green amber and clear), so no need for separate bins. Wheeled bins are provided by ourselves, they are of various sizes, and where possible we will aim to provide bins of the customers' preference.

We can provide for locks where requested for security purposes.

Please see our bin dimension page, for sizing information

green, brown and blue glass bottle recycling

What size are the bins?

We currently use 240ltr (two wheeled) 360ltr (two wheeled) 660ltr (four wheeled) and 1100ltr bins (subject to site surveys due to their size).

How do you empty the bins?

Our vehicles have specialist lifting equipment attached, enabling us to simply arrive at a premises, empty bins and leave.


recycling saves energy concept

Glass recycling can save energy

The energy saving from recycling one bottle will:

  • Power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour.
  • Power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • Power a colour TV for 20 minutes.
  • Power a washing machine for 10 minutes.

Originally a glass collection company, Bottleman has always specialised in glass recycling as our prime material. We can provide you or your company with very flexible scheduled collection times with multiple sizes of bins available at your request.



Bottleman provides a cost effective glass recycling service

We are one of the best and most competitive recycling services in the South-West.

We provide a hassle free service to our customers, some of which have used us for as long as sixteen years.

Prices start from £3.00 per week for glass recycling services, dependent on quantity of bins and area.


recycled glass bottles

Glass facts

  • One tonne of glass is made of 3000 to 4000 bottles
  • Glass never wears out - it can be recycled forever.
  • We save over a ton of resources for every ton of glass recycled - 1,330 pounds of sand, 433 pounds of soda ash, 433 pounds of limestone, and 151 pounds of feldspar.
  • Glass can be recycled again and again without losing its clarity or purity source.




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