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General Enquiries 01297 21719 Out of Office Number 07811 125389

41 Underleys
Beer, (near Seaton)
EX12 3LX

Pricing Information

£2.50 per week

for Glass Recycling

£5.00 per collection

Cardboard/Paper Recycling

Bin sizes vary from:
240-1100 litres

For an inclusive quotation tailored to your needs please call general enquiries on;

Tel. 01297 21719


Cardboard & Paper Collection


Bailed or loose? We can collect cardboard either in bales or loose. If your business produces a significant quantity of card, or have only limited storage space, we can provide you with information on our recommended balers.

Balers can be purchased;

  • outright.
  • on hire purchase.
  • or via rental for a small monthly fee.

Please contact us for more information.



We can collect office paper for recycling, this operates on a 'by the bag' basis. If bins are also required for storage, we can also provide these for a small rental fee.

For more information on collection areas, and costs please contact us by email or call us on 01297 21719.


Recycling 1 tonne of cardboard:

Lorry offloading cardboard

Saves 2 cubic metres of landfill space and the equivalent of 17 trees.

7000 gallons of water and 4,100kwh of electricity.

Recycling cardboard saves 24% of the total energy needed for virgin cardboard.

On a yearly basis in the uk there are 140 corrugated cardboard boxes used for every person, enough to fill a full size football pitch!


Cardboard Recycling tips:

Break down all boxes into their flat packed state to maximise storage and container collections, also making collections more cost effective.

Try to keep cardboard clean dry and free from food waste, it should be stored somewhere that it can be kept dry, or we can provide an 1100litre wheeled bin.

If possible please remove any staples, to minimise risk to collectors.

All types of card can be recycled, excluding the types that are laminated (have a glossy appearance).


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